From Idea to Autonomous Agents in hours, not weeks.

From Idea to Autonomous Agents in hours, not weeks.

Attention Software Engineers

Agents are the new mode of software. We believe that the first million autonomous agents will be built by software engineers. Today's software engineers will become the AI Agent Engineers.

Join our webinar and we will teach you how to become one using framework so you can stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI Agent development.

🧠 Over the past 12 months, our team at has been intensely focused on developing AI Cloud Agents. We've developed Monk AI Builder, an autonomous agent takes your app straight from source code to the cloud.

We've gathered a wealth of knowledge, and we are hosting an online webinar to share dos and don'ts, challenges, triumphs, and insights with you.

We will also demo you a new framework, called that helped Monk's team launch a multi-agent system into production and bringing its success rate from 20% to 75% in the matter of weeks.


    1. Monk's Journey: Key Takeaways from Developing AI DevOps Agents.
    2. Understanding the Landscape: Differentiating Assistants, Agents, and Agentic Systems.
    3. Building Autonomous Agents: Focus on Correctness, Security, and Scalability.
    4. Showcase: Introducing with a live demo.
    5. Q&A: ask us anything.

When and how?

  • 6-Feb-2024 @ 5.30 pm GMT (that's 9.30 am PST, and 12:30 pm est)
  • Please sign up here

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!